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Toys in Space is a digital artwork exhibition, inspired by the theme of space, and more specifically by the eponymous Toys in Space program, launched by NASA in 1985.

More than a homage to this mission of almost 40 years, our Toys in Space exhibition is a digital and educative project, designed to raise young audience’s awareness of spatial discovery and science learning.

In 2025, NASA will celebrate the fortieth 40th anniversary of the first Toys in Space mission. Thus, it matters to us to see the big picture.


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What better way to involve children in science than doing it through toys?

That is what NASA thought in 1985, creating Toys in Space program.

The aim of such a program was simple : Send toys into space in order to experiment their physical reactions in microgravity, and then, transcribe those observations into a series of educational videos.


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Our project essence is to give children the possibility to learn while having fun.

To do so, we thought about luminous, digital, and interactive works. Large-scale structures that, apart from being amusing, strive for raising children’s awareness of sciences.

To this end, the artworks that we designed, produced, and built all have a strong instructive dimension. Each of them illustrates with dynamism and creativity physics concepts such as gravity, free-fall, velocity…

The discovery of our Universe is the strong point of this exhibition. This is through observation, manipulation, and collaboration that we would like to give the chance for the youngest to learn while experimenting.



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We designed Toys in Space as a traveling project. After we premiered the exhibition in Lyon, for the Fête des Lumières 2023, our artworks traveled to Lille, Dunkirk, and Saint-Gervais.

Participative and collaborative, Toys in Space is an artistic project that we ambition turn into a reference exhibition, in France and over ! That way, we hope to spread astronomic knowledge that our works illustrate, through popularization of science. 

This is through the popularization of science that we would like to pass Toys in Space knowledge on, because we are convinced that there is nothing better than learning while having fun.

Toys in space is first and foremost an immersive and interactive project, dedicated to young audiences, designed to give children the keys they need to take an active role in their discoveries and learning.



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next stop : 2024

“Toys in Space before anything else a project that came from space discovery and astronomy passion.

From this fascination and this interest for this field, from which we still have much to learn, came to us the idea of a crazy project, combining art, sciences, and experience.

One of Super Idée’s strengths is its cultural and events specialization, so we went for it. The success of the first Toys in Space dates was such that we chose not to stop there. It was this success that quickly convinced us to take the project to the next level, and make it “the” reference for digital and interactive events.”

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