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During the Toys in Space expedition, NASA astronauts brought a basketball balloon and basket into orbit, to experiment the sport in a zero-gravity context. It definitely wasn’t a success.

Our Luna Ball installation intends to help people understand gravity and free-fall concepts, inviting them to turn into basketball players !

Luna Ball is designed from an original funfair basketball machine, which design and interactions with people will be adapted and personalized. 

To do so, a tracking system triggering sound sequences will be integrated to the machine, creating a challenging and humoristic voice-over that will interact with the players.

On the other hand, we would like spectators to take pictures of their score through a selfie terminal and thus, leave with some kind of a trophy !


// Creation Direction :
Super Idée
// Photos :
Clément Protto / Nouvelle Cuisine
// Balloon Design :
Philippe Tytgat
// Sound design :
Artemus Gordon
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