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Is there any water on Mars?

In 1985, Toys in Space mission astronauts brought a little mechanical frog with them, into orbit. Our exhibition’s visitors have the tough task of going to look for this little frog!

Frogstar is a digital installation composed of a red sand box, in which children and families dig into with their hands.

A projector stands above the box, adjusting the projected images according to the sand thickness, thanks to a video-tracking technology.

Dig until the water shows up, and find the frog !

Frogstar, a participatory and collaborative artwork for the whole family, which sharpens the sense of touch using new digital technologies.


// Creation Direction :
Super Idée
// Photos :
Clément Protto / Nouvelle Cuisine
// Technical partners and video mapping :
AV Extended
// Technical Direction :
Tech Matters
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