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Is there any light in space ?

Did you know ? Space is full of light.

And yet, it is still dark. That is because space is before anything else an endless void. An endless void continuously expanding. In the middle of this dark void, stands light. This element with fascinating physical properties, which moves in straight lines and is, in the vacuum of the universe, what spreads the fastest at around 300 million m/s speed.

This light is paradoxically invisible, and becomes visible as soon as it lights an object.  

This is light, from each aspect, that we would like to illustrate and put the spotlight on with Beam Bada Boom.

Beam Bada Boom is a digital and interactive installation, playing with physics and light properties. The artwork is made of several luminous and colored laser beams that viewers can take control of through a digital interface.

Thus, Beam Bada Boom is a digital, interactive, immersive, but overall playful installation shining a light on… light !


// Creation Direction :
AV Extended
// Photos :
Tom Lafay
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